Friday, November 30, 2012

D- 19 days... Fire Drills

Last year I made a short video of the fire drill on board. You can watch it here.

Basically every second Thursday afternoon something goes wrong (as planned) and it often results in us exiting the ship and mustering on land. That's when you realise that 450 people is really not that much!

Brian and I lead the Cabin Checker's Muster Station. Our job is to collect those who collect those who actually do the running and knocking on each door to ensure nobody is inside. As soon as the General Alarm goes off people start coming down the gangway - by this time we have to be down on the dock with other Muster Station Leaders. On a good day it takes about 15-20 minutes to finish the exercise; on a not-so-good day it can be much longer - it's often due to people not reporting to where they should be and we need to page for them.

I made some really cool time lapse videos, but due to terribly slow internet they need to wait. Until then, here are some pictures of yesterday's "fun". :)

Waiting with other Muster Station Leaders on the dock
This is Brian, my Muster Station Leader-partner.
 He couldn't be bothered to hold the sign up properly :)
... more waiting

Clearly people come prepared for the drill with chairs, umbrellas, games and books :)
When all our people are accounted for we need to go in and report to reception.
If somebody is missing, they need to use the overhead pagers to find them. 
Meanwhile the good people wait and wait and wait some more outside. Usually we don't see what's happening inside, how the brave fire fighters rescue the trapped and save the day...
For that you need to see the link and the video. :)

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