Saturday, November 17, 2012

D-32 days... Boat trip to the island

Finally I made it! For the last 2 weeks we've been trying to get there, but there was always something hindering us (rain, too small boat, Darren working). Actually, Darren couldn't come with me this time as he was indeed working. :(

So off I went on this great adventure to the nearby island called Roume. We went with 2 narrow boats as some people stayed overnight on the island.

I took many pictures (as always), but instead of writing a long post with captions and comments, please enjoy the pictures. Just one more thing: the reason why I am showing you these is because so many people see only 1 side of Africa: the poor, hot, dark 'left behind' continent with nothing but problems, war and starvation. I hope my pictures help you see the other side of this magnificent continent with amazing beaches, wonderful people, good food, great adventures...etc.

Here are 2 google images so you can see where we were. Our boat left right next from the ship and took us to the middle island. A few months ago we went to the closes island with our Mercy Team; they look pretty much the same. The second image is a close up of our island. They took us to the middle, where the island is the narrowest. As you climb out of the boat you would sink into deep mud that captured several flip flops for good :) We had a short, 2 min 'hike' to the south part where you can see the nice, sandy area.

One of the locals living there told us that the little island (on the second picture top left)was used for sacrifices. Many different tribes would come here to do their regular sacrifices (mostly birds or goats) one after the other.

I hope the pictures will tell you the full story and captions like (Dave 'working'on the bow of the boat, a little kid 'enjoying' the boat ride or baby and dad both falling asleep by the sweet swinging...) are not necessary :)

Ask if you have any questions or need clarification. :)

Oh and yes, I MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY ALREADY!!! What a blessed day!!! :)

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