Tuesday, November 6, 2012

D-43 days...

When I started this little project I thought 50 days will not be enough as there are sooooo many things I hold dear here and will miss terribly. I have some major stories in my head, but I am not sure each of the remaining days will be featuring long posts of independent topics around this crazy floating community we call home...

Today's focus is on the on-board dentists. :)

I know, i know, who in their sane mind would miss dentists. Well, let me tell you, they are truly wonderful people! And the best thing is since they are also crew members they know you really well and as such don't have to ask silly questions while they are working inside your mouth with 2 sharp instruments! :)

Oh, and not to mention that all their services are free!!! :)

My favourite question today came from Dr. Dave: "What flavour do you want? Cherry, mint, cinnamon or raspberry?" How can you not love him??? :)

 Darren's appointment was right after mine;
Dr. Dave is about to begin his magic.

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Anonymous said...

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