Monday, November 26, 2012

D-23 days... gateway friends

Last January I joined a 6 weeks preparation course (Gateway) with a bunch of others from all around the world before we could become crew. We quickly became good friends as we tried to survive the program... :)

We had some amazing memories over the last 2 years, but sadly one by one our friends leave the ship. Today was another Farewell party to a superwoman from Canada. Jane has short red hair and was wearing a turquoise top. We took her out to the International Club of Conakry - her choice of place for one last group activity. (some of the guys were just there, they weren't part of OUR Gateway group, but we love them anyway so they could stay for the picture haha)

We all agreed from day one that "when we grow up, we wanna be like Jane, because she is so awesome!" Indeed! Jane, we gonna miss you a lot!

Have I told you already how much I hate good-byes??? :(((

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