Wednesday, November 28, 2012

D-22 days... Hungarian food

The first time I cooked Hungarian food in West Africa for my friends on board a weird guy with green hair came along. He admittedly liked my Gulyás (which was pörkölt to be honest, but non-Hungarians wouldn't understand that). 3 months later he asked me to marry him. I guess it was my cooking... The saying "the way to the man's heart is through his stomach' might be true after all...

Recently we started a new tradition; each Tuesday we get together in the Davies cabin and somebody cooks for the whole gang. After last week's meal I volunteered to cook the same meal again today. But unlike in Sierra Leone here it's much harder to come by the proper ingredients.

Since it's beef and it's Hungarian style the meat has to be cooked at low heat for as long as possible; I had a few hours this afternoon. It could have been cooked a bit longer if it was up to me, but the gang was hungry.

I also made my fav. cucumber salad with sour cream and garlic (THANK YOU KEN FOR YOUR HELP!!!). The gang has never heard of salad and sour cream in one sentence, but to my delight even the skeptical ones went for seconds - yes, for the salad as well. :)

The meal:

And the group:

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