Wednesday, November 7, 2012

D-42 days

Before I tell you what's today's topic let me clarify something important:

Not sure where you guys are coming from, but WHY DO YOU ALL ASSUME my counting down the days means this is so terrible that I cannot wait to get away???????

Did it occur to you that maybe I love this place soooo much that I want to focus on my last 50 days on the wonderful things I had here and will miss like crazy once we depart?

I am not thrilled to leave, but I don't want to dwell on this fact. I'd rather look around and collect as many positive things and memories I can before we fly away!

So, that said, here is today's focus: Wednesday Breakfasts!
It's pancakes with sticky, yummy and super sweet syrup. :)
Thank you so much dear Galley Team for preparing them every Wednesday!

And the best thing is that on Wednesdays I get pancakes and my favourite coffee in bed - courtesy to Mr. Husband Wonderful! Now, this is something I will definitely miss a LOT once we are back home! (guess I need to come up with a way to carry this idea over to the other side of the pond somehow... :) )

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