Tuesday, November 13, 2012

D-36 days...

It's mid November already, we celebrated my Name Day a few days ago (if you don't know what a Name Day is, click on the link and yes, it's still not too late to wish me a Happy Name Day or give me flowers :) )

Normally November is my least favourite day. It's usually cold and dark, it's windy and rainy - with 1 word: unpleasant. But not here!

The dear husband wanted to take me to the nearby island on Saturday, but it was raining. We tried again on Sunday, but the guys didn't bring their regular boat, but a tiny little one that moved way too much even without the passengers. They wanted to squeeze 25+ of us, so Darren and I opted out and went to a nearby Hotel instead. The hotel owners must like Mercy Ships quite a lot as we don't have to pay a thing for using their pool or wi-fi :)

So instead of the island we rested next to the pool and collected our daily Vitamin D :) in NOVEMBER!
Yes, I will surely miss this blessing!!! :)

Here is a picture of the pool area. I don't want to post more as I am afraid you will unfriend me on facebook :)

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