Sunday, December 2, 2012

D-18 days... Deck the Halls

It's the 1st of December, the bestest month of the year has finally arrived!!! Yeah, I am a sucker for Christmas, snow, fire places, hot beverages, gifts, music, friends and all that stuff. Sadly in Africa a 'white Christmas' is hmmm... would be very weird I guess (but from the article I read it's getting less and less in the northern part as well).

There aren't too many American things I like, but this one is a nice exception: they start to decorate the house on the first of December and set up the Christmas tree. It's nice!

On Saturday most of the men on board went to the nearby island for a guys' retreat. We girls stayed behind and decorated the entire ship! I ended up putting up and decorating the Christmas tree in the International Lounge. Even though I am not a big fan of fake trees I had to agree that this is the best solution here. To my utmost surprise this tree looked sooo real, even smelled like a proper pine. I was quite excited to dress it up!

The first challenge is always untangling the lights. The second is finding the one that's dead thus making the whole string look dead. After these two were tacked in a manner that would make my dad proud, I started to put up the red and gold ornaments. For the top I couldn't find a star and was told to 'just create a bow'. I told the chaplain she was making a lot of assumptions here when it comes to my decorating skills. Finally somebody gave us this nice star.

The next problem: since it's a fake tree it doesn't have a top branch that grows upwards so I had to twist and turn one of the top side branches to attach the star. So the star was on top all right, but the whole thing was leaning. Then I remembered my dad used to tie the tree up with fish strings so that's what we did.

Hope you'll like the end results!

In the meantime people were decorating the ship all around. Here are some pictures of this great operation!

Please start praying for snow and a real white Christmas!!!!

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