About me in numbers

0 - husband. If you know somebody who will accept being number 3 in my life and loves fun and unconventional life, tell him to give me a call. :) UPDATE ON THIS: The Good Lord seemed to have a plan and He hooked me up with a Briton who pretty much fits the above description so no more phone calls for a potential mate please! :)
1 - life is all I have so why not make the most of it?
2 - universities I attended and graduated from. I must say I enjoyed both rides, but I often wonder if they were worth pursuing for...
3 - years I spent with an international charity organization sailing around the world helping other, less fortunate people in various ways. For more info, visit www.gbaships.org.
4 - languages I understand with relative confidence and can communicate in.
5 - times more money and time was spent on getting my driver's license than what average people do. I have it, but I still have no desire to control that machine. I much rather hitchhike, walk or take the bus/train.
6 - times I watched Matrix during the first week it came out. I loved the complexity and the visual tricks!
7 - INGs I love: rocking the boat, asking WHYs, learning new things, daring challenges, staying hopeful, FUNing* everywhere and saving the World - one at a time.
8 - is a lucky number in Chinese tradition (just thought I mention it in case you didn't know)
9 - pages I read on average every time I take the bus from home to work and back.
10 - my favorite number for several reasons. My Nameday is on 10th November, my Birthday is on 10th December, ten is the first double digit number and it's a "yes" and a "no" (hint: binary code)

Hope you feel you know me a wee bit better now...

* yes, I made that up. Pretty self-explanatory, me thinks. If you have a problem with it, kindly watch Stephen Fry's wonderful monologue on the subject. Yes, I am greatly inspired by him.