Friday, November 9, 2012

D-40 days... ships around us

One of my favourites! It's so overloaded that it almost sank :)))
Well, I will certainly miss living on the sea and seeing all these small and big, old and new ships may they be a  cargo ship or sailing boats or anything in between... Somehow they look peaceful and make me happy every time I look at them.

Here are just a few of them from the last 2 days:

Might have missed the name... :)
This little fishing boat comes into the harbour every day around 6.30 pm

This is not uncommon here - for many western companies it's cheaper to sink their old ships here
than to have them sailed to India for scrap metal :(
Rumor has it this ship was used to smuggle guns to Mali, but the military police (picture below) caught them and arrested the entire crew. They ship was anchored very close to us for a long time!
Military police on their way to arrest some people on the sinking boat (top picture)
As you can see in the following pictures: They arrived quietly, one man climbed onto the boat, tied their boat to it, they captured the first guy, then he pointed towards the second one, they captured him, too. You can see in the zoomed in pictures as they first put hand cuffs on him behind his back, then they realised that he won't be able to climb up with hands behind his back, so they changed it to the front. They all climbed up onto a military boat that docked right next to them. :)

Never a dull moment!!! :)

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