Monday, November 26, 2012

D-25 days... waterfalls

Welcome to MY TOWN!!!!

Honestly!!!! I traveled all over the world, been to 80+ countries and 25 days before I return to home I GOT TO VISIT MY TOWN!!!! In Guinea, West-Africa! :))))

Ok, fine, so the town is called Dubréka, but let's just ignore the 'du' part, shall we?

I organised a trip to this town with our friends, because they have a few very nice waterfalls - we were told. We even got instructions on how to get here (basically Ryan drew a map and said that if you see the little airplane, you know you went too far! :) ) Well, we took 2 Landies and Darren was driving the first one, Shelly the second. We drove past the little airplane 2x, I never saw it :)

The next set of Ryan's instructions included driving on the dirt road until you see a big trett in teh middle of the road. Ok, we did see this one, but somebody else said that we should drive for about 6 kms on this dirt road, so we didn't stop at the tree. The dirt road went through lots of bushes, but at least for a while we could see 2 tracks. Then suddenly one of the tracks disappeared and we were completely surrounded by tall sedge. Boy it was fun! Thank God after a few Kms, we got to a small clear area so we could turn around. We drove back to the tree in the middle, found the hotel and parked the cars. Apparently the waterfall was just behind the hotel walls.

We went down to the river; it looked like we had to cross the fast river first in order to get to the actual waterfall. Brian was the first brave man who rolled up his trousers and led the way. As you can see in the pictures, it was quite the challenge, but we managed to cross (all but 2).

At the actual waterfall there were many local MEN, the younger ones without clothes. It seemed this was the place for the guys; we weren't sure though were was a 'waterfall for females' so we stayed. The water was great and because the rainy season was still not finished  there was plenty of water. Maaaaan, did I enjoy my 20 min long shower!!!!

It was quite slippery, sometimes we had to crawl on our hands and feet. Darren slipped a few times, you can see me getting a heart attack as I watched him go down, knowing there is absolutely nothing I can do for him.

Some of us climbed up onto a rock just under the waterfall enjoying the view. We did the compulsory group shots, enjoyed the local's cliff-jumping and partook in some floating races (when you see on the pictures us showing hands and feet, that's the water taking us further down.

We took waaaaaay tooooooo many pictures of the same topics and it took me all day today to narrow it down to just this folder so please bear with me. Grab a coffee and enjoy the slideshow! Darren's and my pictures are labeled, the rest is from the others.

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