Sunday, November 11, 2012

D-38 days

Tonight the Brits had a small gathering. I suppose I will have plenty of those once we move to Newcastle, but for now let me just say I will miss these random gatherings!:)

Many people baked sweet sweet goodies.
We brought the tea - Yorkshire Tea, which is the best with the African water! :)

My dear standing in the middle with 2 cups of tea. His has milk in in, mine has sugar and lemon! :)
This is Alistair, a dentist from Newcastle.
He can tell stories and get everybody involved like nobody else!
Alistair can also get us all to play silly games.
This involved some cards and people sitting on each other's laps... (a very Christian game, me thinks? )
And the coolest thing is that it proves that you NEVER EVER HAVE TO GROW UP!!! :)))

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