Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fire drill... with Reka trapped inside...

Our regular drills are usually boring for most crew members since we don't get to see it or take part in it. My only job is to stand at the top of the red stair ways and collect the info from the cabin checkers.

Today though as I was working in the office, when the second mate came in to inform us that today's fire drill will take place right next door. Penny and I volunteered to be casualties. :)
He agreed and told us to go into the forward room where smoke was already present.

He shot the door behind us and went to report the smoke...

This is what happened after he left us there... :)))

(Video was shot mostly by me, Penny and the Emergency Medical Team)

First we loved it. Then the lights were turned off and it was pitch black dark. Plus the smoke. I couldn't see a thing. I bumped into some tables before I found a spot to lie down. What I couldn't see was the source of the smoke... yes! As you can imagine, I managed to put my head right next to the smoke can. :( Brilliant!

15 minutes passed by before they finally came in. First they saved Penny and they used some thermo- something to find the second body. Then they dragged me out to the clear corridor, strapped me onto the stretcher and carried me to the ward. By then I was coughing for real! Imagine, if it was real smoke... 15 minutes!!!! I would be dead by now, I'm afraid... :(

Anyhow, it was great fun and for once, I LOVED our fire drill!!!

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