Sunday, November 4, 2012

D-46 days... fabrics

Those colourful African fabrics... who can forget them? Every day when I walk or drive around in town I see  ladies (and even men) wear those amazing outfits. Over the years we bought several clothes already made, we bought fabrics to have them tailored, but somehow they just don't look the same on my white skin. Each time I see a dress in bright, happy colours I have to remind myself that they won't look so amazing on me; the contrast with their dark skin is replaced by my paleness. :(

Nevertheless, we do try. On Saturday Darren and I went to the market and bought some fabrics. Apparently here they count in Lappa. 1 lappa is 2 yards, as we learnt the hard way. Now we have some extra materials though, if anybody wants some clothes made... :)

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