Sunday, June 3, 2012

Togo hiking - the small ones

A few weeks ago we had a free Friday so we decided to go to the mountains with some friends. We ended up at the YWAM Base just outside of Kpalimé. It was a nice adventure to get there with local transportation only, the frustration when the local taxi drivers really want to rip you off and charge 20 dollars for a 50 cents drive, but eventually we arrived to the base.

It had an amazing view of the town of Kpalimé, the mountains of Togo and Ghana, the forests and the cloudy sky. Shortly after we arrived we witnessed a breathtaking storm with wonderful vivid colours and a refreshing rain that gave temporary relief of the hot and humid air.

We went on a few short hikes upwards and also down to the village on Saturday. On Sunday we hiked up to the highest peek in Togo with a group of people. These pictures now only focus on the tiny things that we saw. There will be another post with pictures of the grand. :)

Truth be told: many of these pictures were taken by Husband. Who knew he can be soooo alive in the mountains with my nice Nikon SLR.... :)

Pictures get bigger if you click on them! Enjoy!

lizard having a feast with the relocating ants

dead palm tree fibre
dead palm leaf

chicks are coloured to protect them from birds of prey

the  flower of the banana tree

leaves with a strange desease

collected berries drying under the sun
this little friend of ca. 7 cm was just outside of our door one morning.

which is better, the color picture or the black n white with the pink enhanced?

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