Thursday, June 21, 2012

Junior - and the lame shall walk...

The motto of Mercy Ships is: We follow the 2000 year old model of Jesus by being love in action so that the blind shall see, the lame shall walk and the sick shall be healed. The next 3 stories (penned by the ship's writer) are to here to show how the transformation happens in each of our patients. It's not just the surgery, that's an important step for sure, but it's soooo much more...

"Junior’s mother sat in the physical therapy tent with her son. It had been two years since Junior received surgery on his legs – a surgery that changed their lives forever. She desperately longed to tell their story and let the world hear the great things that have happened in their lives. So, while Junior got his two-year-follow-up examination, his mother wrote down their story:

Junior was born premature at seven months, so he stayed at the hospital for four months. At age one, Junior started walking, and I realize that the two knees were bending out to the side. But I thought that because he is big or fat that this was causing that, but as he was growing, it was getting worse. The walking became a burden for him, and he needed me to carry him. People, neighbors in our area, used to make fun of him. His friends and even his own brother laughed at him and chased him to insult Junior when he does something. Some even forget the name ‘Junior’ and call him ‘Club Foot.’”

“When other children play football, he was just spectator because he could never play. But each time, he used to tell those who made fun of him, ‘My legs will be straight one day.’ Junior would bring some of the kids to me to confirm that ‘I will have straight leg.’”

“One day, I saw Handicap International car passing, and I asked them if they can help my son, and they tell us bring him the next day. Back home, I told Junior I have found people who can help us. And he started telling people that the ‘people who are going to help me have come.’ Unfortunately we went, and they said junior’s case is not in their program.”

So one day, in 2010, I heard about Mercy Ships, and Junior said, ‘Yes, this is the white people that are going to help me!’ So, he was in a big rush to come for screening, and he was so excited to be selected for surgery.”

“Back home after surgery, he was having straight legs, and he said to brothers, ‘Didn’t I tell you these people are going to help me?’”

“So people are happy. Junior has such a good testimony – a positive testimony that always generates good and blessings! Now, Junior is playing football and running all the time.”

“I will like to take this opportunity to thank the Team of Mercy Ships. I’m encouraging you to do more to others in the same condition like us. I see Jesus’ mighty hand in Junior’s care. He removed the shame from me and Junior’s life. Thanks! May God bless you!”

Junior when he first arrived to Mercy Ships in 2010.

Junior was 6 years old when he first arrived to the Africa Mercy.

Junior after the surgery as he got discharged.
After a long day in coming to the ship for his follow-up appointment,
Junior rests in his mother’s arms.
Junior is very proud of his straight legs!

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