Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Atakpamé road trip

We had a very successful conference for church leaders in March in Atakpamé and before we left Togo we wanted to come back for a few days to find out what has changed since our last visit. In short: God is doing amazing things!!! We heard so many success stories, ask if you want to hear them! :)

For now, here are some road pictures... (if you click on the pictures, they get bigger :) )

Stop for a second and you are surrounded by ladies with food on their head.
This is one way to transport your bike...
Mind you, there is only a tiny rope to secure it from falling :)
I made this picture B/W, otherwise it's just too out of place for me.
In B/W I can almost imagine, this is an old picture from the last century and not an active  bus...
Muslim mamma walking down the street with Muslim kiddo
I just love this picture - shows the contrast between my fancy 4WD and a local lady
carrying fire wood on her head.
Food stalls along every road
just a regular day...
this is the Main Road in Atakpamé
Food delivery
Secured (???) bags on the truck
The President of Togo with his best "African Smile" :)
Crazy trucks here as well...
 A goat on the top of the car? :)
Or a goat on the bike???

Mostly bikes on the roads

And they can ride fully loaded :)

Just another day in the Village 
random food displays on the side of the roads
Somebody called this tree a "Réka Tree" :) I can live with that haha
A quick snack anyone? You don't even have to get out of the car...
Foot ware anyone?
Typical road view: a crazy packed truck trying to take over an
equally crazy overloaded truck with a few bikers in between
Street meat a'la Togo
The house is falling apart, but they have a huge Satellite dish... Go figure...
Mosque time is over...
Mangos - the size of a human head! :)
Truck running with right back tire MISSING! :)

Wish I could say this bus has been sitting here for years,
actually 30 min ago it was still running :)
You are not a woman without a silver pot on your head it seems...
Cashew nuts straight from the tree
Town Hall meeting :)
Enough fire wood for one day?
How high can you go before it breaks?
The small ones are quite long actually (30 cm)
Yam roots in various sizes
Gas station with a Mosque tower at the back :)
"The path is narrow, only the righteous can pass..."

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