Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Packing up the tents - video

These tents were used by the hospital as an extension. They had one section for the Admissions, one for the Eye team and one for Outpatients. They are easy-to-set-up tents! See a fast forward video I made during the pack up. At normal speed, it takes about 5 minutes to inflate it. Pretty cool!

This is how the dock used to look like for 5 months:

We had a Mercy Team of 8 people coming to help us with the Pack Up. It was a huge blessing to have them around, they did some remarkable work. One of them was to pack up the tents, load the containers and clean the dockside. Have a look at some of the stages:

This is a Time lapse video I made of the final stage: Notice how much the ship moves in the background! :)

And while the Team was busy packing... Reka was... well...


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