Friday, December 14, 2012

D-6 days... It has started...

Long term crew gets to go up front during our Thursday night meetings to be publicly thanked and acknowledged at the end of their term. Until tonight I was happy swimming in The Nile (denial), but tonight made it very real. We are leaving in less than a week. :(

Cathrine, one of the Chaplains on board reading the notes
It's a tradition for team members or leaders to write up something about you. Well... this is what was said about my amazing husband:

"Darren has been an invaluable member of the IS department and will be missed - not only for his technical ability but also for his unique style. Over the course of the past year and a half he has tackled many problems and shown initiative beyond the scope of his role, learning completely new skills and technologies in the process. With the ever-changing nature of not only technology, but also within Mercy Ships, he has proven adaptable and is a member of the team whose absence will be felt."

Awwww, isn't it very nice? I am so glad Mercy Ships recongised what a valuable member he was!

And this is what was said about me: (can you guess it was written by Brits? :) )

"What can we say about this wonderful Hungarian girl…

We are delighted that Queen Elizabeth ll has given permission for her to live in England…for the sake of her husband Daren who is a good British citizen. This permission came in spite of our advice to the Queen not to let her in. But Newcastle is considered far from London.. so is used to send people into exile.

But Reka joined the Off Ship Programme Team as our administration officer in June last year when we were in Sierra Leone. She immediately ruled us with a rod of iron. No more excuses about lost receipts….advances left open too long….petty cash not being in date order…Day worker pay sheets not correctly filled out…The Off Ships Programmes team did not know what had hit them. Even Ryan Hare was forced to get into line…!!

But seriously..Reka has a lovely warm personality full of fun & sense of humour (thanks again for Daren for teaching her about the British sense of humour). But her commitment to her work & her expertise has been gratefully appreciated by all her team. She has worked over & above what has been required. She has supported the team & encouraged them daily. In our team meetings Reka is the first to pray… the first to give a scripture… & the first to offer to take devotions….

Thank you Reka from all the Off Ships Programmes team & from all who have had the privilege of working with you… or just knowing your friendship. You have touched & influenced many lives in Sierra Leone, Togo & Guinea.

May God bless you & His favour rest upon you & Darren in the next chapter of your lives."

Aaaaaaaawwwwww - thank you so much guys for your kind, British words! :)

 She lead the whole ship in prayer for us! Very touched!!!

And finally a LAUGHING picture (not just frozen American smiles) with the Boss Man and His Boss
(aka Donovan Palmer, VP and Managing Director and his lovely wife, Mae)
Can't you tell we love them sooooo much? :)

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Giancarlo said...

Un felice Natale e uno strepitoso fine 2012 a Te e ai tuoi cari!!