Wednesday, December 12, 2012

D-9 days... Birthday Cake

So Monday night was my actual birthday day. I am not for big public displays, but my dear husband again did his own thing. He posted posters all around the ship that said today is "Hug a Reka day!' So all these random people were coming to me to hug me and I appreciate the fact that they were just trying to be nice and all, but I am just not that type of a person...

In the evening we gathered at our usual place, the Davies' Cabin. Shelly again outdid herself with this cake:
CHOCOLATE-MINT ICE CREAM CAKE! How can you NOT just eat it all in one go without sharing it with others??? :)))

 Dear husband's signs all over the ship, this one is from the gangway.

 Here is my new fav cake with a cute, fake candle!
 With Penny and her gluten-free version of my cake!

Don't you dare touch my cake!!!!!
Got some money from my boss. It's actually REAL money, doesn't worth much, but it's really cool. A large stash of 100 GNFs (0.1 euro cent!) The 2 stash altogether worth less than 3 dollars.

And Penny's sneaky picture:
Yes, I loved my cake. Any problems with that???

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