Wednesday, December 12, 2012

D-10 days... kidnapped...

I was still away upcountry when dear Husband called and asked if I liked African adventures. Well, DUH!

So, he prepared a nice surprise for his wife's 33rd Eve. On Sunday I had breakfast in bed and then was told to stay inside the cabin till we go. All I knew was that we go out for a Sunday Brunch with some friends. But before that I had to have a surprise.

Well, this is what happened:

Darren thought it would be fun to give me the "Full African Experience" and sadly that often includes kidnappings. He even got the Security people involved and apparently half the ship was involved, too. He posted Wanted notes all around the ship so peeps were happy to detain me. Even the next day some crew members came to him saying they saw me somewhere and they want their 5 bucks reward :)

So I walked to the Cafe as Darren told me to, he was of course nowhere to be found, but some of our friends were sitting there. They 'ínvited' me to sit with them and talk about the conference. Suddenly my dear husband showed up from behind. I didn't see him, but honestly, nobody else on the ship would have the guts to pull a pillow case over my head! So I knew it was him. The next thing I knew was that the metal hand cuffs snapped onto my wrists. While people were laughing I heard the Security officer tell Darren he was very sorry, but he couldn't find the keys. Actually he was indeed telling the truth, good thing is that Darren had some keys from one of our Ghurka guards.

They made me walk down the gangway like that and Darren was guiding me towards the cars. They said they were kinda disappointed that I didn't put up a fight. I said 'I didn't know I was supposed to...'. So to give them something fun I started shouting on the dock 'help, somebody please help, I am being kidnapped' Then Darren told me to hush as I was freaking out the patients waiting outside... I WAS FREAKING THEM OUT??? Hah! It was them who put a pillow case over my head! Truth be told I would have put up a fight for sure, but I had a long dress on, which was hindering me from running or fighting back. The second reason is more profound; for once I wanted to be an obedient wife... See? It doesn't lead to anything good so hello my good old self! ;)

Apparently the plan was to drive out with me like that to the surprise restaurant, but they were told by the port authorities that it's REALLY NOT such a good idea... Chickens! If it was me doing the kidnapping I would have shoved the person to the back of the Landie with a blanket over her so nobody would have seen what's under it. Oh well...

WE went to a nice sea-side restaurant and had a nice meal. Because it was Sunday noon the lady took our orders and then called her servant to go to the market and start buying the ingredients. :) HAHAHA, only here!!! So, we had a nice fresh meal afterwards!!!

Thanks all for coming! It was hmmm... what's the word I am looking for? Memorable I guess.

Here are some photos from Jen:

PS: Darren DID spend the night on the couch with a black eye...

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