Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Transportation - like never before

I believe these pictures do not need explanation... :)

These are just some shots I took last month, but never had the time to upload them. Since there are quite a few pictures in this post, I kept them small, but if you click on them, they get bigger! :)

Disclaimer: All the pictures were taken from a moving car, so some might not be sharp enough, but I tried my best!
Public transportation?

3-wheeler truck

fish market delivery
I promise there is a person under the pile! :)
The bags are 30kg cement each! Do the maths!
Whole family is moving town

Before the "tip"
Family outing

I presume the petrol buckets were empty

OK, this is not the first for me! These tuc-tucs come straight from India!

This truck didn't make it to Burkina Faso
Alternative Taxi - I counted 16 people inside!!!

"How High Can You Go?"

Both bikes have a huge TV tied to the back!
Scenic route with a super old car that is banned both in Europe and Asia - but it's still OK here!
The fish in her hand is still fresh - I saw it when she bought it!

Togo has blue Metro as well! :)))
Armed forces with AK47s
Looooong construction materials on a bike
Often they have live animals on top, too!

How old are you???
Ladies getting ready for the night

Not a single rope around it, but a bumpy road ahead...

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