Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Open Cabins

It's a tradition from time to time to ask people if they want to open their cabins for everybody to come in. Since Darren and I got married and moved into a couple's cabin, we have more space so we thought why not welcome the crew into our new "home"... :)

On Easter Monday I baked some cookies, Darren vacuumed the cabin and from 6 to 8 pm we opened the door to the 450 crew members to come in... :) Of course not all of them came and of course not at the same time, but it was a constant flow of people.

YES. It was fun. It was busy. It was chaotic. It was crowded. It was loud. It was great!

I didn't have time to take pictures - this is the only one I could snap. Hopefully this gives you and idea...

(you see Captain Tim, some kiddos, our Crew Physician, his wife with the youngest crew member right now, Darren in the back and a few more singles)

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