Sunday, April 22, 2012

"Bleeding Husband" - Comic book style

Probably you've guessed already that my dear wasn't caught up in any fight or accident, it just happens that he has a very popular blood type. Back home my "A negative" blood was always needed and I turned up regularly at the local blood bank. Here in Africa almost nobody needs my type, unlike Darren's "B Positive".

On Tuesday he was working as usual till 5 pm. I got dinner for us and was waiting for him in the dining room. he showed up around 5.20pm. He was about to pick up his fork when his pager went off. He excused himself and disappeared to fix a dead computer in the hospital. The next time I saw him was at 8.25pm (by then I almost finished the Hunger Games book I was reading). He took his shoes off and sat down when... yes, his other pager went off :(((

This time it was the lab, calling him because a patient who was operated on that day lost so much blood during the operation that she needed some immediately. So, dear husband put his shoes back and went down to the lab technician. I went for "moral support" and also to take some pictures. :)

Claudia was waiting for him and after she gave him a bottle of juice to drink we were heading to the ward. Another 20 minutes later Darren got up and we walked back to our cabin...

Just another normal day on the Africa Mercy, where the blessings never stop, miracles do happen on a daily basis and where we not only don't get paid, but we pay to work here - sometimes even that is not enough and we pay with our own blood! :)

Enjoy the Comic Book! :)

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