Friday, April 20, 2012

Roadtrip to Kara in pictures

The Leadership Conference took place in Kara, 7 hours drive away from Lome, practically straight North almost all the way up to the Burkina Faso border. I was sitting in the front seat of the landrover and took tons of pictures as Franck was driving us there and back.

Disclaimer:  I was taking pictures from a moving car on bumpy roads... :)

Enjoy Togo!
Fishermen cast their nets at night and the next morning by-standers help pulling the nets out.
In return they get to keep a fish or two.

Drive through market on the side of the road...

She sells dry fish

BUSH-RAT. This is how they sell them on the side of the roads; recently killed, stretched on 2 sticks
more bush-rat stalls
this is how they sell petrol here - in water bottles, by the litre :)
YAM ROOTS - tastes like potatoes
Unusual sight! Not the huge termite tower, but the BMW :)
Charcoal sticks
Dry (fresh???) fish for lunch anybody?
Or bananas maybe?
Perhaps some truly fresh bread? This type is really yummy!
Little store on the road
They sweep the side of the road so they can spread out fish or grains to dry - never mind the dust, that gives the extra flavor :)
Coconut bags ready to be delivered to the city
This is how Yam roots grow

This is how you indicate there is a broken down truck ahead of you... No need for a triangle here! :)
Sure enough, this is a dead truck on the road, the other almost dead truck is trying to take over.
Results? 2 broken trucks blocking the entire road! :)
Coming up you have the scenic route - going down you have the valley of truth.
How well do you know the size of your vehicle???
This is the "Truth Passage"
The most random sight here - a guy on a camel :)
School on the prairie
School is over. Some kids have to walk 2 hours to get home

Franck buying fresh goat cheese on the side of the road. Once you slow down they attack the car and try to push each other away...

Franck negotiated the price, got some in the bag while other sellers look at him angry
I was hungry so he got me some bananas in the "drive through market" - I guess that's where I got the parasites from that almost made us cancel our wedding :(((
Have I mentioned the roads are bad???
More villages along the road
Locals working on their fields with Stone Age-type equipments

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