Monday, April 23, 2012

Meeting the blood receiver

It is nearly impossible for a blood donor to meet the patient who receives it... but not here!

Today we got to meet this sweet lady (don't want to advertise her name and condition). She had a surgery last week and she lost too much blood during the operation. Darren was scheduled to give blood that day anyway (probably to her), but he was not paged until late at night, when the doctors decided to give her some blood overnight.

She speaks her own native language plus a little French, so we needed 2 translators to talk to her. We asked her a few questions like how is she feeling today and how can we pray for her. The translators explained who Darren is and she was saying "Merci Merci Merci" a million times. It was a very special moment to both of us. We are not doctors so we cannot help them in a medical way, but Darren's blood helped her through the night and will help her recover from her surgery!


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