Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Poda Poda Philosophy

Poda poda is the public transportation here. I wrote about them earlier, so now I wouldn't go into details again about the many challenges we face with them each day.

I rather show you how they are decorated... :) All of them are hand painted, I believe by the same artist as the design is pretty much the same. There are categories:

1.) Religious (Christian or Muslim) eg. God bless my brother or Allah is supreme
2.) Sport (almost exclusively Soccer) eg. Arsenal
3.) General truths or encouragements eg. Be honest, Always hope, Sweet love,
4.) Funny ones eg. World Peace, No food for lazy man, Boyz2Man
5.) Company or owners' names
6.) Nothing - that means the vehicle just rolled off from a ferry and is newly imported to the country or the graphic designer guy was sick :)
+1.) Misspelled ones, they are the BEST! eg. Marvellous without the "R", Up rising in 2 words.

The photos were taken by me, most of them from a moving vehicle, so some snaps might not be as sharp as I would like them to, however I hope you will enjoy this collage. :)

And here are some of my favourites:

Often you can put together decent sentences:

 YOU are a SYBORG ALWAYS... :)

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