Saturday, September 24, 2011

Goofy ways on AFM

Sometimes you have to get creative here. Well, duh! - you'd say, but you'd be surprised HOW creative we can get to overcome our challenges. These are just some random fun pictures from this week...
Spice up the week - Crazy Hat day!

Requirements for watching a movie: Chair + pillow for eye level, blue tray for cooling, big dead laptop for balance, small laptop for movie, external DVD player for movie, speakers for movie, pillow case against tilting. And Voilà...

Scary looking dead bear backpack to protect your belongings.

Defrosting and breaking a box of frozen chicken breasts by putting it in a black trash bag and smash it a few times against the concrete pole.

Free, reusable gift wrapping - your own wrap-around skirt.

Squeezing 5 people under 1 umbrella during a muster drill on the dock.

Who said life is dull here??? :)

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