Sunday, May 8, 2011

Walking in town

Today was my day off so a couple of us decided to walk to town. There is a nice bakery about 25 min walk away. I thought you guys might want to join me in crossing town...

Enjoy the video! :)

The only things you cannot get from this video is the HEAT and the SMELLS. It was above 40 Celsius (above 100F) and the smells... hmm, indescribable. And today was a relaxed, non busy Saturday! :)


Chuck said...

Well the heats not much different than Houston.

Debbie said...

Fascinating! Was this Main Street? I'd hate to see it on a work day! Didn't you stick out like a sore thumb?!

Ian said...

So it wasn't rain ALL the time :-)

Ian said...

(I was making a reference to your previous post :-)

R.O.A.M... said...

Yes, the humidity is the same as Houston - but the smells here are... BAD.

No, that's NOT Main street, just a normal side street. Spontaneous market places are everywhere.

There are enough white people walking around not to stick out too badly here, however most aid workers NEVER WALK so yes, I guess I was sticking out. :)

The rainy season just started, we have showers ever day, the non stop rain period is in June-July.