Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rainy Season

This will be the typical view for us in the next coming months...

The rainy season is from May to November. The 1st of May was a beautiful sunny day. We thought all is well. Today was the first Monday and still, the weather was just fine. I asked our day worker today in the office:
- When does the rainy season start?
- This month.
- OK, but when? In 2 weeks maybe?
- On Friday! 

:) You gotta love African people! Well, Bassey, you were wrong. The first rain arrived today...


Zuzana said...

Actually the very same view you could have enjoyed here in Stavanger, including Maersk cargo..

R.O.A.M... said...

hahaha, Zuzana, that was great! :) You are absolutely right! - Reka