Saturday, May 28, 2011

My office...

Several people asked me to show some pictures about the office I work in so here you go...

This is the infamous white board - with all the events we need to organize. The last week of May is an exceptionally busy time with lots of things happening at the same time. The International Board is having a big meeting on board and we had multiple challenges with last minute arrival and departure changes, transportation issues, booking rooms, setting up conference calls, clashing appointments...etc. The school accreditation is in it's final stage and a small committee is here for a few days. Thank God it's not our responsibility, however we had to coordinate with their people. And on top of everything, the President, Vice President and several ministers of Cabinet chose this Friday to visit the ship. Hopefully the busyness will end on 1st June after a huge fund-raising event is finished on board. As you can imagine, life is NEVER dull in our department! :)

This is my desk. Yes, it looks a tad bit messy, but have a closer look. Everything is needed there! The fan is a crucial part of the office as the A/C often goes out. On the walls you see several calendars, I mark different things in each of them. :) The cables and adapters under my desk help me use my devices in a British plug environment. From my windows I can have a decent view of the gangway and the dock, which is quite neat!

And finally my desk: Besides the usual "office stuff" there are some strange things. Malaria pills, for example. But what's even more strange is that we have lots of mosquitoes INSIDE the ship; some came through the ventilation system, some just fly in as the door is always open and we are right next to the main entrance. So, we have (and often have to use) mosquito repellent. Yes, that means we all stink in the office, but at least we all have the same smell :) A glass of water is always present as well - we are in Africa after all and it can be really hot sometimes, specially when the A/C is off. Another weird thing is a pile of candies and lollipops - I have no excuse for that besides the fact that I LOVE THEM! :) There are also 3 funny looking balls (orange, blue, green), they are mostly used as stress releaser, sometimes for improving my juggling skills. And my keys - the key(s) to survive ship life, quite literally... Once I read a quote: "Only mediocre people keep their desk in order, the genius oversees the chaos." :) 


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