Saturday, May 14, 2011

My new Heroes

The name of the game: SPOT THE DIVER

There is sooooo much trash floating down the river each day that sometimes you don't even see the water. The problem (besides the obvious) with this is that it blocks our pipes under water and it makes our engine cooling impossible. The first thing that goes is always the A/C. We are having issues with it every day. Now, A/C is a wonderful thing, but let's be honest, we can survive without it. Power, on the other hand is a much more serious issue. We already faced several sudden black outs throughout the entire ship.

The solution is "simple". We have people on board with PADI license. And the most amazing thing is that they are soooo willing to go down each day to clean the pipes. Last week one of the volunteer divers said that the visibility is practically ZERO down there...

3 of my friends volunteer to submerge into that yuck each day. 1 is an ICU nurse, the other is a ward nurse, the third one works at Reception. These guys are girls signed up to work with patients. When their shift is over, they change the scrubs to wet suit and jump into the water to keep us in business.

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Ian said...

Wow, just your description and the photo turned my stomach! Truly heroes!