Monday, August 27, 2012

Our friendly neighbourhood

Here are some shots I took on Sunday between 2 rain showers: This is our port and view for the next 10 months (well, for us it's only 4 since we plan to leave in December...)

Tug boats
Busy port

Navy Boats. We counted 5 - based on the numbers they could easily overtake Togo,
where they had 2 boats and 2 small patrols)
Container houses. It costs about a 1000$ to buy one, 4000$ to ship it from US to Africa. It's cheaper to leave it here than to have it shipped back. Smart people convert them into houses and offices on stilts, you can even part your car under it :)
African Dry Dock. I am so glad we didn't come here for that... :)

This is the view from our cabin window...
Also cabin view - local lady making food for the dock workers

Cabin view - from the dock. If you look closely, you can see Darren standing inside :)
Or if you wanted a close up... you can see him and me as well as I was taking the picture from the gangway :)))

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