Monday, August 20, 2012

Life in dry dock

Does the saying Fish Out of Water say something to you? Quite literally. We are out of the water for real this time. Our beloved Queen of the Seas is sitting on massive Lego blocks with wheels under them.

Being in dry dock means the electricity comes and goes as it pleases. Ok, it's not that simple, but me, a simple user sees only that much. We had to shut down most of the hospital deck, the lights on the corridors and even the power in the cabins - meaning our wedding cake in the freezer started to defrost itself :( Oh, and it's VERY hot! The ship heats up in no time and since we cannot open the windows and portholes, we are basically boiling inside. :(
My clock melted!!!
We weren't alone though in the dry dock; several other vessels were docked there around us. In fact, one new arrival forced us to shift positions. Here are some pictures, let me just say one thing: these ships are HUGE when they are out of the water!

The ships are "standing" on these little blocks with wheels. It's hard to believe they don't tip on either side, apparently the weight of the vessel is enough to keep them firmly placed on these rolling Lego blocks. :)

That tube was our rubbish drop. The opening is normally where we hook up the gangway to. In the bottom you can see another opening: that square cut is where they removed the AC unit and installed the new one. Pretty cool!
The ship from the front.
Here you can see how tall is our lady. That's me in the front in case you didn't recognised me :)

This portable gangway served as our exit and entrance to the ship. Let me tell ya, it moved an awful lot!
That's me too, showing you the size of the ship from the back.

Am I strong or what??? :)

Yes, I was under the ship jumping in to save the day as a few Lego blocks rolled away :)

Who can forget the famous scene with Leo and Kate at the bow? Well, Darren and I wore our wedding outfits for this special photo shoot...

And here is a very nice professional video that my good friend, Ryan Chen made for Mercy Ships. Enjoy!

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