Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The missing "A" dilemma

-"Hello. My name is Réka and I come from HungAry."
- "Oh, are you hungry?" (usually said with a smile and shiny eyes thinking they re-invented the wheel)
- "Actually I am. Should we eat something right now?"
-"..." (forced smile, confused looks)

Such, or very similar conversations take place pretty much on a daily basis and over the years I think I developed the best answer. Everybody loves eating, regardless of your color, gender or religion. Food is a safe topic that we can discuss without accidentally offending anybody - so hey, why not?

I happen to like trying out various types of food so I am always up for a new treat - especially if it's free. (after the above mentioned conversation most people feel compelled to take me out) :)

A few nights ago the Marketing Department at the International Operational Center (IOC) went out for dinner and they invited me as the newest member. It didn't occur to me that anything was strange until a guy in the team pointed it out: "A Hungarian from Norway is eating out in a Japanese restaurant in the USA." Cultural mixes like this one are totally normal for me. :)

Here is a short video of how they prepare food there. (the video only works through the blog site and not if you receive only the e-mail)

Sufficient to say we had a lot of fun! :)

And if we talk about food anyway, a friend of mine here informed me that this is how the STOP SIGN in Texas looks like:
It's the sign for Diary Queen, a fast food restaurant chain. You know me, I am not an FFF (fast food fan), but I made an exception.

I gotta admit, the ice cream there was pretty awesome. :)

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LB said...

Awesome! They took you to Benihana's? The chefs there are usually pretty funny. It looks like a good time!

Did they also tell you that in order to be on a map, the town must have a DQ?

If you get the chance, you should also try Braum's (read: yummy ice cream!). There are not many in Texas, but I think they blow DQ away! :)