Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cowboy Church Yeeeeehaaaaaw!

"If there is only 1 thing you can do in your free time while in Texas... go to a Cowboy Church!" This advice got me all excited, though I went to the web to check it out first. You never know with these Texans, they often just pull your leg... But guess what: IT REALLY EXISTS! :)))

Here are some shots taken by my good friend, Liz who happens to be a pro photographer. After the service I talked to a lady and asked her if she was kind enough to gather some of her friends for a group shot and Liz orchestrated the pictures. I'm tellin' ya, SHE IS GOOD! :)

 (the guys wanted to throw me into the trough that they use here to baptize people) :))

 (Greeter at the gate of the barn, that operates as the church building) :)

(this is the pastor) :)
(Liz and I dressed cowboy-ish to attend the cowboy church)

My favorite quote was that when the pastor read some verses from 1Peter he said "well folks, I know it's hard so let me cowboyize that for ya" :)))

His second best line was "the church don't do nothin' " :) Classic!

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