Monday, October 8, 2012


I don't have all the details for this little man, but as far as I know he was a beggar on the streets like many with similar conditions and was found by a crew member. They brought him to the ship, our ortho doctors looked at him and said the magic words: "Yes, we can help you".

He needed to have both femurs and tibia and fibulas straightened along with both ankles rotated in.

The surgery took place on 1st October and lasted around 8 hours. Yayah is doing well now. He spent the night in the ICU resting WITH HIS STRAIGHT LEGS and now he is back in the ward.

Please pray for his recovery. He is an active young boy and I know he will want to be up and at it soon, but first there is a long and painful road of recovery.


Have I mentioned that he has straight legs??? :)

He and his grandma are homeless. He has osteogenesis imperfecta, a bone disorder that is genetic. People with this disorder don’t produce the collagen they need to grow normal bones. His legs are curved in a front and back pattern, instead of the bow legs you would see from side to side. Nobody is sure how old he is because of his living situation. Dr Frank is guessing he may be anywhere from 9-12. He is pretty much a celebrity on the ship. He and his grandma have been living with us since he was screened. He is super smart - already learning English. He is also kind: he comforts the other kids.

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