Wednesday, October 31, 2012

D-49 days

I am glad you guys like my little trip down memory lane...

Today I have a few pictures about the amazing sunsets that you can only experience in Africa! These are pictures I took last week from deck 8 (mostly).

In my recent blog (Weekend adventure part 2) you could see some more amazing sunsets so I didn't include them here - I guess you get the picture :)

A good couple of years ago when we first watched the Lion King they showed a huge burning ball descending into the ground. Well, back then I thought it's just Hollywood's way of enchanting you. Then I went to Kenya, East Africa and could see it for myself; the sun is indeed a huge burning fireball, much much bigger than back home in little Hungary. And here, in Guinea, West Africa it's the same!

This reminded me of the Norwegian Flag, only the white lines were missing,
 but you can clearly see the red and the blue cross.

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