Friday, July 6, 2012

Togo hiking - the big ones

When I say hiking you expect amazing landscapes, beautiful mountains and all shades of green... In my previous post I showed you the "small" ones from our 3 day trip to the YWAM base in Kpalimé. Now here are some "big pictures". Click on any of them to see the slideshow in big.

This was the view from the balcony of the Base. Absolutely breathtaking!

 From 1 balcony looking over to the other on a sunny morning...
The same angle on a rainy afternoon... When it rains, it pours! :)
 Penny and I enjoying the rain! It sure refreshed the air and cooled it down a bit.
 The dark clouds are coming fast...
 The clouds taking over the hills...
...and hiding them from view.

We went on a short hike just around and above the Base. We found an old church in ruins. Here Penny is debating whether or not to walk past a saint that guarded the entrance.

 Who needs clothes when you have big enough banana leaves to cover your entire body??? :)

Some shots at the Base:

 Fresh grapefruit straight from the tree just outside our bedroom. Yummy breakfast!!!
 This is where they prepare the food.

We went on a longer hike to the top of Togo... We soon discovered we weren't in shape for such a hike, but we enjoyed it nonetheless!

 Husband on the top posing instead of helping...
 ... poor Réka, who was left behind as always... :)
 Finally we both made it to the top only to find a village with people who do that hike in flip flops
twice a day... Ummm....

 Some crazy ones going even further up, you can see at the bottom of the picture how small they are compared to the hills...


Sunset in the village...
 Termites... yes, it was huge!

 Typical view: mum with 3 kids and a basket on her head...

And an epic local transportation-ride back that included a necessary flat tire making the 2 hours trip a solid 5,5 hours! But it was great!!!

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