Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sailing - the highlights + video

We were sailing for 10 days, left Lomé, Togo on 15th June and arrived to Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain) on 25th June. Here are just some highlights of what happened while we were at sea.

Some of the pictures are taken by my good friend, Debra, you'll see her signature on them. The rest are mine.

I made some short videos during the sail and edited them together with Enya's Sail Away song - one of my favourites. (BTW ever since I heard this song a good 10 years ago I decided to visit all the places she mentions in the song - and I am almost finished!)

Yes, we had some impressive waves, but sadly only for a few days. We had some dolphins, too, click here for Darren's video.

Captain Jon on the bridge

Deckies working on the mooring lines at the bow

Gangway being lifted up

The last 3 lines that connect us to Togo
Tug boat to help us turn
"Arm Guards" - I suppose they meant to say they have guns to protect themselves
Leaving the port area
Pilot climbing down the rope ladder

Leaving Togo and our wedding location - a bit sad :(

All the Landies are on deck 8. 

We enjoyed the waves and beautiful sunsets on the bow every evening
Since it was a long voyage we had some fun activities every evening. As you can see Pirates Night was a big hit among the children (and some older children) :)

Most of us went with the black and red colours, some fake tattoos and scars and head cover. I bought Darren that blue Muslim head cover in Kara, the northern part of Togo a few months back. Most people questioned him, so we explained that most of the pirates are from the very Muslim Somalia who more likely to look like this than Johnny Depp :))  

We had a little "chat" with the Captain and Chief Mate.
I think I made my point clear...
We needed a pirate captain to be a proper Pirate Team so we borrowed Captain Luke Davies. Notice the Angry Bird both Luke and I have on our shoulders...
The other pirates playing the famous dice game from the Pirates of the C. movie.
Me with a cigar, hubby with his tea. To each of its own...

And yes, we took over the ship as well when we stormed the bridge. :)
What a night...!
We also had some drills, one of them was a Man Overboard drill. Unlike on Doulos here we used only a brown paper bag and not "Ray, the dummy". Still, we were able to observe how fast this huge shipc an turn around - it's quite impressive!

In case you were wondering, the answer is YES. The ocean IS INDEED BLUE!
The 2 little dark spots are Darren and me standing at the railing.

Wedding  :)
Capturing the sun in my hand
US :)

The PR Shot

Worship at the bow at sunset :)

Charlie's Angels on AFM
(from left: Debra B, Darren, me and Lesley B) 

Jumping into the sunset :)

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