Saturday, December 10, 2011

Did she really say YES!?!?!? :)))

Yes, the rumors are true...
Miss I-don't-want-to-get-married is planning her wedding...

Thank you so much for all your best wishes, lovely messages, friendly comments and silly suggestions (like WIFE stands for washing-ironing-food and everything else...) on our engagement. :)

This most extraordinary man is from the UK, he is 32 and he works with computers. He is totally crazy, which is a good thing considering he will have to spend the rest of his life with me haha.

Some people made some not so friendly comments like "they are rushing it", but let me tell you if God makes it 110% clear that this is His chosen man for me, I would be an idiot to fight that. None of us sees the point in waiting when we both agree that the only way this relationship can go is through marriage - something God designed for us long time ago.

God proved me wrong  by providing a man I declared non-existent many years ago. Yet, in His great love for me He brought Darren into my life as a wonderful friend first, then a caring boyfriend and now an amazing fiancée. I cannot wait to find out how he will be as my lawfully wedded hubby... :)

Debra Bell, our good friend and professional photographer captured some great shots so that we can share them with you all.

Are we branded enough for Mercy Ships or what???? :)


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Zsanya said...

sok boldogságot! :) és boldog születésnapot! :) Zsána