Sunday, November 13, 2011

This is Salone...

It's what the title says. A visual introduction to this great country and its people, traditions and culture...
(hiked up to the hill, met some cute kids on the way and you can see our ship in the background)
(Catching a genuine smile on a kid's face  is not easy here)

(Muslim lady walking through the dirty town to get to the Mosque)
(Some ladies share a meal, probably their only meal that day, with our group.
They eat the leftovers from 1 big bowl with their hands)
(This LIVE chicken was a thank you gift I received in one village...)
(Fishermen pulling out the nets on the beach)
(There is always room for 1 more bag)
("The truth will prevail - All eyes on me")
(Palm trees by night with the 12.547.845.569.875.823.610.054 stars as backdrop)

(Palm trees by day with white, fluffy clouds)

 To be continued...

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