Thursday, November 10, 2011

The plot thickens... Sia chapter 2.

Soooooooo, today I was walking down the stairs when Natalie, a nurse from UK told me to check out Ali's blog if I want to know more about Sia.  Sure!

Once again I had tears in my eyes as I was reading her story. It's a longer post, so I just copied the part about her to you. You gotta love HAPPY ENDINGS! :)

"The last story is the heart-wrenching one, but for once it's not in a bad way. For once I have nothing but good to share with you, and it's good for Sia. Her story developed in the most amazing way today.

First, I want you to head over to Reka's blog and read the story of how Sia was found on the street. That's how Sia's story started, and you've heard a lot about what's been going on since she arrived on board. I want to tell you about what's going to happen when we leave.

We've found a hospital in Guinea where she can receive further treatment, and we've been working out the details as far as how she'll get to and from her home in the north of Sierra Leone and what sort of financial help they'll need to make this all happen. I worked on the wards today while Natalie, the current Team Leader, spent the day doing office work. She felt like she wanted to see the sun, so she took her work up to Deck Six to sit in the internet cafe. While there, one of the women who works with Patient Life came to talk over the whole thing and see where we were at.

Natalie and Yvonne moved to the comfortable chairs near the cafe and started working out the total cost for Sia to receive the four more months of treatment she'll need. Factoring in all the costs, it came to around $130. There's a woman who attend's my mum's Bible study back home who shares my blog with a friend of hers. That friend already donated thirty dollars towards that sum, and Natalie figured that the remaining hundred would be easily raised since we all love Sia.

Which is when God stepped in.

A woman sitting a few chairs over leaned towards Natalie and apologized for eavesdropping. It's just that, before I left, my neighbours gave me a hundred dollars, she explained. They wanted it to be used specifically for the care of a child, and I had no idea how to find a child or how to best use the money. Are you talking about a child?

Of course they were talking about a child. It's not a joke when it says that He does more than we can ask or imagine; before we could even come up with a plan to raise this money, God had already provided. He moved in Marie's heart to donate thirty dollars, and he moved in the hearts of an unknown couple to give the rest of the money, specifically to be used for a child. He arranged for Natalie to take her office day upstairs, for Yvonne to meet her there, for the woman to be sitting near enough to hear their conversation.

This God of ours, He does nothing by halves."

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