Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back to School for a Night

The Academy on board had an Open Day...
We all went back to school...
Should I say more?

(Click on the pictures to see the larger version)
Our ca. 50 kids come from all over the world
Me concentrating hard on solving a puzzle designed for ages 8+ :)

Size does matter - giant smart board for the kiddos
Darren and Carol try to play the hand chimes... Ray disapproves!

 Doctor Sean is sent back to school to work on his cursive writing skills. We - non doctors who have to work with doctors and decipher their horrible hand writing - appreciate his efforts to make his writing LEGIBLE! 

 Funny. In my country they had 1= failed 5= excellent. Twas much easier to memorize 5 numbers...

Ali and I managed not to break the tiny chairs as we worked hard with Play-Doh

Freddy wasn't feeling well. He was about to puke his guts out.
 I told him not to eat off the ship, but did he listen???
And that concludes our visit to the higher classes. We walked out and went to the next deck where we entered the younger kids' kingdom. Strangely I felt straight at home. :)

 Apparently I wasn't the only adult who fit right in... :)
My IT specialist husband was playing with the wrong toy. The computer was sitting behind him, untouched, while the pirate just got stabbed by his swords.
I don't see what's the big deal with this puzzle. I solved it flawlessly within 15 seconds!
... then the teacher told us we had to play together like nice kids so together we did...
... in fact the Hospital Director / my honorary Father on board also joined us!
Gerrit and I worked together to appropriately illustrate the story!

This is one of the teachers on board, she teaches second graders, currently 2 students. 
BTW, we need teachers on board! 
Come for a school year, it's great fun! 
Email me if interested!

Kindergarten at it's best - me eating dirt when the teacher is not looking! :)
Playing twister on the Alphabet mat... FUN!

Who said that we ever have to grow up???

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