Saturday, March 31, 2012

Operation Christmas Child - LIVE from Togo

I believe most of you who read my blog know what the title means. I remember both in Hungary and in Norway around Christmas we went to the stores and bought items for kids and put them into SHOE BOXES with a label "for a teenage girl", "for a 5-10 year old boy". For years I was on the other side of the whole operation, I was the one sending the boxes, and I must admit, sometimes I was wondering what will happen to those boxes. Will they ever reach the kid I had in mind when I put the package together? What country, what continent the boxes will arrive to? Will I ever see the face of a child who received a box?

Well then, if you had similar thoughts in your head or ever wondered about the "other end" of this worldwide operation, let me insert my good friend's, the Jacobsen Family's blog entry. Deb, the mum wrote an amazing account. My only sorrow is that I couldn't be there with them when it happened. Enjoy!

"While we have been in West Africa, we have had some incredible/amazing experiences.  Last Sunday topped the list.  For years, since the kids could remember, we have participated in Operation Christmas Child sponsored by Samaritan's Purse . I would take Alisia and Joshua to the local store and have them choose items for children the same age they were at the time.  We would pack the items into a rubbermaid container, take them to our local church/school, and even helped organize them at the designated drop off location.  While we have been in Africa, we donated online to Samaritan's Purse.

Last Sunday, Mike and Joshua were able to participate in the handing out of the "Shoe Boxes" at the church we have been attending!  (Alisia and I had to take my friend to the airport so we were unable to attend.)  I have loved looking at the pictures of our African church family being blessed by the generosity of others-it bring tears to my eyes!!!!  THANK-YOU!!!!
Praise and worship time with the boxes from Samaritan's Purse.
Carefully packed boxes.
The pastor's son helping to prepare the boxes for the children

Always carry a heavy load on the head!
The kids patiently waiting while they are being organized by age.

The older girls examining their boxes.
Mike handing out the boxes to an older girl.
Now the boys turn.
Excited boys and their shoe boxes.
I love this picture...shoe boxes being carried on their heads!
Thank you to everyone who participates in the Operation Christmas Child program...their shoe boxes are a true blessing!" (by Deb Jacobsen)

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Kelly from Kansas City said...

Hi! So glad I found your blog! I filled 12 boxes for older girls. I was advised they all went to Togo. I used plastic containers, but didn't see mine in the pics (bummer!), but pleased to see the pics and know they were received. I hope I get a letter from one of them, but I know that's probably a long shot, but I have hope! God bless!!!