Tuesday, February 28, 2012

From Pancake Day to Fufu and Chocolate

This blog post is about some random food items I consumed recently. Quite diverse if you ask me... :) (proper ship food is not included in this list!) Who said that food in Africa is boring???

Ice Cream Flambe with fried banana (and rum) :)

Our Nepalese Ghurka guards with diff. flavours of Hungarian Tibi chocolate bars in Togo :)

Coconut - best drink EVER!

Fufu, (variants of the name include foofoo, foufou, foutou), is a staple food of West and Central Africa. It is a thick paste usually made by boiling starchy root vegetables in water and pounding with a mortar and pestle until the desired consistency is reached. In Ghana fufu is basically pounded cassava or pounded yam pounded together with plantain.
Annie here is eating the white fufu made of Cassava, some redish spicy souce... and... CHICKEN.

According to her it was quite chewy :) It took the cook about 2,5 hours to prepare it - which is really not that long if you keep in mind that the chicken was still alive when we ordered the food! :)

Another type of Fufu, this is made of maize and served in the small plastic bowls (one already open on the green plate). You also have some onion sauce with red palm oil, chicken, fried plantains and crushed green chilli sauce. Believe it or not, this is my favourite AFrican meal! ;)

Mangos, organes and Yam roots sold on every corner.

My new favourite way of eating roasted peanuts - just pour it straight from a whiskey bottle :)

Baugette-s and fresh bread on every street.
Oddly enough the sellers always stand next to each other in groups... 

Fresh pinapple - we often eat that for dinner or after dinner snacks :)


Husband and I are making pancakes for our British friends

Clash of Cultures - on my plate you can see:

1. Pancake Tuesday to celebrate a British tradition before Lent

2. Nuts in caramel to celebrate Mardi Gras

3. Fresh coconut straight from the tree to celebrate, well... to celebrate Africa! :)

(and some okay vanilla ice-cream from France)

With my fav British family on board - their living room is our second home :)

Local ladies usally carry large dishes on their heads with small portions of fufu and some sorts of sauce. They also provide the plate. This type of food is very cheap, but not too safe for our "white stomach". :)

Saved the best for last: this is a fully riped COCOA fruit to make chocolate! :)))))

Chocolate addicted husband was torn when I told him he needed to choose - he can reach me OR the fruit :)))

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