Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pride of Lions

Last night we had a special guest on board. First we watched a movie called Pride of Lions. It's a fascinating documentary about Sierra Leone and the 10 year civil war. But despite many films made about this country (like Blood diamonds) this movie focuses on the individuals and what's more important, it conveys the message of HOPE for this nation.

John Woehrle is the executive producer, who by some "strange coincidences" / God's timing, happened to be in Freetown and accepted our invitation for a Q and A after the film.

He walked to the mike and said: "If this is not preaching to the choir, then I don't know what would be. I mean, I am on board the Africa Mercy and we are IN Sierra Leone!" :)

I wonder if it would have been helpful to watch this documentary before we had arrived. Maybe. But watching it now, after living and working in this country for nearly 10 months... The shocking factor is certainly gone. I am somewhat ignorant about the dirt they show on the streets or the many amputees - I see them on the streets every day myself, I even know some of them by name.

They showed some older footage when the city wasn't so overcrowded and I kept thinking I know this street, that's where I bought some fruits the other day... :) I even understood some of the Krio talk and didn't have to read the subtitles!

Bottom line, I think it is a great movie and if you would like to read more on it or even consider buying the DVD, please visit their website:
To watch the trailer, click here.

All the money is used to support NGOs working in Sierra Leone to make a lasting difference!

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