Saturday, June 25, 2011

Street vendors

The fact that you can buy everything on the streets shouldn't come as a surprise. And by everything i mean EVERYTHING. (fruits, cars parts, clothes, electronics, toothbrush, bread, shoes, soap, top up cards, popcorn, meat, money, fried fish, lottery tickets, water, perfume, fake DVDs, jeans, charcoal, ...etc) Basically it's safe to say if you cannot find something there, most likely you are either not looking hard enough or you are in the wrong street! :)

What fascinates me the most is the fact that even after dark they are still out there trying to make one more  dollar by selling one more bag of washing powder...

Here are some random pictures I took recently...

Fabrics. Lots and lots of fabrics with tailors.
Notice the gutter under the lady. Now, that the rainy season has started those drains are clogged...
Music and fake DVDs of movies everywhere. The "latest hits CD" include UB40-Red wine :)))))
Selling water in small plastic bags is typical and dangerous.
Shoe street
Street meat - my favourite! If he is cooking it fresh on some charcoal, I would eat it any time, especially with lots of pepper and onions. Yummy and SAFE! (I eat it once a week and never had any problems!)
Fried fish from last Friday... it's a NO-NO even for me!
Palm oil is used for cooking. It's red and yes, it DOES look like blood...
Spices spices spices - my choice is their crushed chili souce
Lady selling fresh (??) kasava roots and sprinkling clean (??) water on it to keep it fresh. Kasava is used as a type of starch and people eat it as we eat potatoes.
Child selling charcoal for cooking on open fire.
Local "Best Buy" / "Media Markt" :)

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Elizabeth said...

Hi! I have enjoyed reading your post about Freetown and the street vendors. I am joining the ship in 2 days, and reading all of this makes me even more excited! Thanks so much.
Elizabeth Tucker