Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our Department

It's always a nice challenge to work in a department with extremely talented individuals. Not to mention that these artsy people come from different cultures and countries and I have the privilege of being their manager...

 CNN Style team photo in our office
We were all supposed to pick up a prop we often use.
I have 2 nerve guns... (insert "evil laugh" here)

We all dance together on the same tunes...
From left: John, Liz (photographers, US), Sophie (Pr Coordinator, Swiss), Claire (writer (UK), Tom (photographer, UK), Elaine (writer US), Lewis (PR Admin, US), Réka (Manager, HU), Anouchka (Vision Trips, Swiss-French), Debra (photographer, Canada)

Trying HARD in vain to get a decent group photo... :)

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