Sunday, February 20, 2011

Arrived to Sierra Leone

Hi All,
just a super short note to let everybody know that we arrived safely on 9th late at night after traveling for 24 or so hours...
THIS IS AFRICA!!! :)))))

To get very slow internet we need to travel across town, so no more updates before the ship arrives and we can get on board, that is in early March. :) We have long hours of power outs each day, so lots of challenges. The temperature is around 100F (40C) and we do heavy labour every day :) Fun stuff!!!

Our team has 30 members. We are working in 2 locations at the moment, an orphanage and on the hospitality center (this will be for the patients who travel from far away) When we arrived there was only a big empty building, I have been painting since day one. Now we have walls up too and cables and power - really cool. Next week I will be working on framing the windows and putting up mosquito nets.

Pictures will come soon (well, whenever I can get on board, unpack, hook up to the network) so don't expect it before mid March. I am writing blog entries and taking tons of pictures so there is hope hahaha.

LOve you all! Take care!

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